Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mario's Squash Liver

Kabocha Squash is my absolute favorite. It's so rich and creamy (roasted with a spritz of oil and s&p)... So I can't even begin to imagine what level of culinary joy Mario's dish would take you to. This is Squash Porn to the max. Enjoy.
Also, the recipe is actually called Squash "Liver"... How deep is your love for MB right now?
Sincerest thank you to the glorious Mario Batali for his talent and this clip, as well as Food Network & Scripps for bringing him to us.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Selection's BBQ Soy Chips

BBQ Soy Chips // Selection

I've said it before, STORE BRANDS FTW

These aren't just the tastiest BBQ 'chips'... But because they're made with soy and rice: 19 chips = 7 g of protein.
If you are in Canada: Selection is the brand carried by Metro & Food Basics, party time.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Debi & Gabriele's Garlic Spinach

I love a cooking video for something so simple you think you know how to make it. Then you watch the video. And you learn how to make it.
So it goes for sautéed spinach! Learn here from the pros. The Tuscan Gun Gabriele Corcos & the effervescent Debi Mazar.
Also. How much do you love a side dish that uses THREE bunches of spinach for 5 servings!? SO much healthiness inside you.
With sincere thanks to Cooking Channel, Debi & Gabriele for this beautiful clip and the beauty of a show that is Extra Virgin.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Guy's Hummus

Guy Fieri had a glorious vegetarian childhood.
And here you get to actually see him make hummus for his sister Morgan and his mom Penelope. Put this clip in your heart and that hummus in your dip bowls. Bonus: it's tahini-free.
Thank you so very much to Guy Fieri, Scripps & Food Network for the food tv perfection that is this.