Saturday, November 19, 2016

I always thought this blog would be the perfect place to marry my favorite outlets:
The Accidentally Vegan Foodstuffs group I had started via my flickr account
as well as the Accidentally Vegan TV recipes gathered on YouTube

But for the past few months my foodstuff efforts are more easily poured into an instagram account, and YouTube is just fine and dandy the way it is.

I hope you'll find me there.

Aficionado of accidentally vegan anything

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tia's Milkshake

I love when cooking hosts are just honest! "I'm staying away from dairy" - So many people are avoiding so many things! Let's just relate! Yes!
The frozen banana is EVERYTHING. I made a video about it, obsessed:

Thank you so much to Tia Mowry & The Cooking Channel for the lovely vegan-friendly clip!

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Guy's Quinoa

How much do you love a Guy Fieri clip? SO MUCH.

Get ready for the most descriptive yet still entirely vague instruction on how to cook quinoa, and then confession-cam-style backpedalling whether the vinaigrette is technically really a vinaigrette. LOVE. Seriously, Guy Fieri can literally do anything or almost nothing and it's still some of the most captivating food television out there...

The most heartfelt thank you to the talent behind Guy's Big Bite, The Food Network & Scripps for sharing it all with us.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Rev Run's Sloppy Joes

How fantastic is this?!? Grandpa LOVES it. "It's made with soy" they say, and he answers, "all the better!" I love HIM.
Also, this is the first Rev Run clip in the Accidentally Vegan collection. Fantastic.
Psst... I once made a video about my favorite ground beef substitute and how to best use it in your cookery if you'd like to see here.
The most heartfelt thank you to the talent behind Rev Run's Sunday Supers, and Cooking Channel & Scripps for sharing them with us.