Saturday, February 21, 2015

Martha's Wacky Cake

Wacky Cake is an old, classic recipe (It's even got its own Wikipedia entry - But here it is as cupcakes.

I'd take a cake over a cupcake any day, but there is some major cupcake porn at the end of this clip that made me a believer. It doesn't even have frosting on it but it's just such a moist, spongy, perfect lil piece of chocolate cake... Thank you, Martha. Thank you.

Throw some chocolate chips in there for Costco-style double chocolate muffins. And eat 'em for breakfast. Because muffins.

Or a lot of store-bought frostings are accidentally vegan..

But you could make Mayim Bialik's simple chocolate one..

Or how about a vanilla avocado icing? Yes you can!

The most sincere thank you to Lori Sandler of Divvies Bakery and Martha Stewart for having kids in the kitchen and baking 'em allergy-friendly treats!

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